Where oh where is Peppino?

Hello!  I’ve been gone for a few weeks from my blog and boy have I missed it.  While I’ve missed the fun of reading sweet comments left for me on posts, what I’ve missed most of all is reading my pal’s blogs.  I very much enjoy reading about the fun adventures and seeing great pictures from dogs around the world.

As for my absence, just as it is for everyone, summer is a very busy time.  Plus my dad was gone for two weeks, meaning I was busy helping my mom with my eleven month old human sister.  My mom and I hope to get back into our regular blog schedule of posting, and reading blogs.

Until next time, I leave you with a picture of me doing what I do best; laying on the couch, giving my little sister my annoyed face because she’s either after my toys again or trying to get to me again.



12 thoughts on “Where oh where is Peppino?

  1. Darby and Pumpkin don’t have a sister to bother them, but they like to bother the cat. He has to jump a little higher than the sofa to get away from them. His favorite spot is way on top of the kitchen cabinets.

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