Playtime with my sister

I have a little sister who is nine months old.  Mom and Dad have been working very hard to ensure that we get along, that she is gentle with me and that I don’t get hurt or scared.  I mostly keep my distance from her because she moves very fast.  The exception to that is when I want her to throw my favorite toy for me.  If she’s on the floor and I’m in the playing mood I bring her my toy and stare at her, waiting for her to throw it.  Usually mom and dad will throw my toy for me to avoid any possible problems, but the other day they decided to see what would happen if they left me and my sister to play.  Well, we played tug-of-war a few times and my sister tried to throw my toy, but could only make it an inch or two.  We both did great; I was patient with my sister and she was very good and wasn’t grabby towards me.  Mom and Dad were very proud of me!


(Don’t worry, Mom and Dad sat right next to us while we played and watched very carefully for any signs that I was getting upset, annoyed or scared or that my sister was getting too wild.)

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