Going to the pet store

Going to the pet store and I’m going to get treats

Do you ever sing a little song when headed to the pet store? I sure do, because I get extremely excited! However, while I enjoy the smells and treats within the store, most of the time I get too nervous to walk. You see, I am very little, only 7 – 8 pounds (depends on the season). Usually my mom or dad carry me, or they’ll place me on a blanket in the basket of the shopping cart. One time we stopped at the pet store on the way home from the veterinarian’s office and because it was early in the morning the store was empty. Since we were the only ones shopping, I didn’t have to be nervous of all the people walking around me. Mom set me on the floor to see what I would do and I started walking! I was even brave enough to lead my pack. Mom and Dad were very proud of me, so proud in fact that they let me take my time to sniff anything that I wanted and we wandered up and down all the aisles. We had the best time! Mom still looks back on that day with fond memories, we both think it was one of the most fun adventures we’ve had.

Here I am, waiting patiently for me parents to grab a bag of my food off of the shelf so that we could continue exploring!


Do you like to visit the pet store? Are you brave enough to walk on your own??