Follow Friday – Ingham County Animal Shelter

The local animal control shelter in my area is amazing! They work very hard for the animals; everything from 36 hour adoption marathons to social media campaigns. You can clearly see their love for animals and their dedication to finding each a great home. As the county animal control, they must take in any animal brought to them. While this is good because we don’t want people simply dumping their pets on the street, it’s bad because at times they get over crowded. My mom has been there before to drop off treats, toys and leashes and said it’s pretty nice. There are bright colors to make it inviting and happy and is very clean. Below are a few pictures of the shelter, you can view more on their website listed below.

Insideshelter1 kennels 5Kitty Kingdom outsideThey’re also working to reduce the number of pets given to the shelter; they have a low-cost spay and neuter program and a dog/cat food bank. They utilize lots of different methods to get animals adopted into loving homes. They have mobile adoption events at pet stores all across the county, post on Facebook and Twitter and hold special events such as “Whisker Wednesday” where all cats are free and dogs are half priced. Of course, like many county run programs, they are not funded enough. They rely on the assistance of a team of volunteers. At this shelter there is a dog walking club comprised of a group of devoted volunteers who meet every Wednesday evening and take the dogs out for a walk. Not only does this give the dogs a break from their kennels but it keeps them happy and helps improve their interaction with people, making them more adoptable. You can read more about the dog walking group and see a video from a news story found at the link below;

If you want to learn more about the Ingham County Animal Shelter below are some useful links;

The shelter’s website:
Facebook page:
Twitter: @ICACShelter
Facebook page for the dog walking club:

These folks are heroes! They devote their lives to a very tough job and they deserve praise and a great, big, THANK YOU!!!


Going to the pet store

Going to the pet store and I’m going to get treats

Do you ever sing a little song when headed to the pet store? I sure do, because I get extremely excited! However, while I enjoy the smells and treats within the store, most of the time I get too nervous to walk. You see, I am very little, only 7 – 8 pounds (depends on the season). Usually my mom or dad carry me, or they’ll place me on a blanket in the basket of the shopping cart. One time we stopped at the pet store on the way home from the veterinarian’s office and because it was early in the morning the store was empty. Since we were the only ones shopping, I didn’t have to be nervous of all the people walking around me. Mom set me on the floor to see what I would do and I started walking! I was even brave enough to lead my pack. Mom and Dad were very proud of me, so proud in fact that they let me take my time to sniff anything that I wanted and we wandered up and down all the aisles. We had the best time! Mom still looks back on that day with fond memories, we both think it was one of the most fun adventures we’ve had.

Here I am, waiting patiently for me parents to grab a bag of my food off of the shelf so that we could continue exploring!


Do you like to visit the pet store? Are you brave enough to walk on your own??

Follow Friday – Animals Helping People

In honor of the 4th of July, this week’s Follow Friday is dedicated to spreading awareness about animals that are helping wounded warriors.  As animal lovers, we all know what a difference our companion animals make in our lives.  The organizations below have recognized that benefit and work to help wounded veterans adopt a cat or dog to help them during their struggles.  It’s estimated that every 18 hours one veteran will commit suicide.  These organizations are working to end that by providing a loving pet that will help veterans through their darkest times.  Check out the sites below and read the stories of participants in the program, the positive effect the animal has had in their lives is nothing short of amazing.

Companions for Heroes – This organization matches shelter dogs and cats with military members who suffer from psychology problems as a result of a deployment(s).  This is a win-win; a homeless animal, at risk for being put to sleep gets a home and the veteran gets a companion animal to help them through their care.

Pet for Vets – This is another organization matching shelter dogs with veterans suffering from a myriad of psychology problems after a deployment.

Soldier’s Best Friend – This organization provides professional service dogs with veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries.  The trained therapy dogs are provided cost-free to the veterans.

Pets for Patriots – This organization goes beyond the adoption of a dog or cat for a veteran, they’ve partnered with veterinarians across the county to provide a 10% discount for those in the program.  They also provide a $150 gift card to PETCO, PetSmart or Tractor Supply upon adoption and provide member-only discounts to pet items from their sponsors.

2013-07-05 Bad Apple PhotographyPhoto courtesy of Bad Apple Photography

I haven’t personally worked with any of the above mentioned organizations and thus can make no guarantees.  Please do your due-diligence as you would before working with or donating to any organization.

Let me [not] wear clothes!

Do you like to wear clothes?  I despise it!  Years ago, my mom started out mixing practical clothes like sweaters with cutesy clothes like dresses.


Truth be told, I didn’t fully oppose it at first. I understood the necessity of a warm sweater during the cold winter months.


However, one day I decided no more! So, I did what any dog does, I put my paw down. If she would dress me up, I would sit down and refuse to move. After months of re-training my mom, I emerged victorious! I no longer wear any clothes and mom is looking for a shelter to donate my clothes to. I feel bad making other dogs wear clothes so I think I’ll insist on bringing treats to donate also.

Follow Friday – Dolly the Doxie

Happy Friday!!

For this week’s Follow Friday, I would like to introduced everyone to my very dear pal, Dolly. We first met on Twitter and became good friends. In fact, she is the reason I decided to start up my blog again after a nearly two year hiatus. She runs the fabulous blog, Dolly the Doxie. Her stories are always great fun to read and she has lots of funny adventures. Check out her blog or connect with her on Twitter @dollythedoxie.

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