Follow Friday – Ingham County Animal Shelter

The local animal control shelter in my area is amazing! They work very hard for the animals; everything from 36 hour adoption marathons to social media campaigns. You can clearly see their love for animals and their dedication to finding each a great home. As the county animal control, they must take in any animal brought to them. While this is good because we don’t want people simply dumping their pets on the street, it’s bad because at times they get over crowded. My mom has been there before to drop off treats, toys and leashes and said it’s pretty nice. There are bright colors to make it inviting and happy and is very clean. Below are a few pictures of the shelter, you can view more on their website listed below.

Insideshelter1 kennels 5Kitty Kingdom outsideThey’re also working to reduce the number of pets given to the shelter; they have a low-cost spay and neuter program and a dog/cat food bank. They utilize lots of different methods to get animals adopted into loving homes. They have mobile adoption events at pet stores all across the county, post on Facebook and Twitter and hold special events such as “Whisker Wednesday” where all cats are free and dogs are half priced. Of course, like many county run programs, they are not funded enough. They rely on the assistance of a team of volunteers. At this shelter there is a dog walking club comprised of a group of devoted volunteers who meet every Wednesday evening and take the dogs out for a walk. Not only does this give the dogs a break from their kennels but it keeps them happy and helps improve their interaction with people, making them more adoptable. You can read more about the dog walking group and see a video from a news story found at the link below;

If you want to learn more about the Ingham County Animal Shelter below are some useful links;

The shelter’s website:
Facebook page:
Twitter: @ICACShelter
Facebook page for the dog walking club:

These folks are heroes! They devote their lives to a very tough job and they deserve praise and a great, big, THANK YOU!!!

7 thoughts on “Follow Friday – Ingham County Animal Shelter

  1. Nice post. If we lived near a shelter Mom would love to volunteer but they closed the one by us a couple years ago and the other one is too far away 😦

  2. Very nice shelter. LOVE the different colors on the door and the painting on the wall. You are right it makes it inviting. Hope many dogs will find their forever home soon. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Sounds like a great shelter! Good for them for doing outreach to get the pets adopted. I do wish they would reduce those adoption fees a bit. Why charge more for pups and so much less for older dogs? Just make all dogs/cats an affordable price. 🙂

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