Let me [not] wear clothes!

Do you like to wear clothes?  I despise it!  Years ago, my mom started out mixing practical clothes like sweaters with cutesy clothes like dresses.


Truth be told, I didn’t fully oppose it at first. I understood the necessity of a warm sweater during the cold winter months.


However, one day I decided no more! So, I did what any dog does, I put my paw down. If she would dress me up, I would sit down and refuse to move. After months of re-training my mom, I emerged victorious! I no longer wear any clothes and mom is looking for a shelter to donate my clothes to. I feel bad making other dogs wear clothes so I think I’ll insist on bringing treats to donate also.

17 thoughts on “Let me [not] wear clothes!

  1. BOL, you tell ’em, Pippy. Although, we must admit that you do look awfully cute in the dress in the top picture. Still, a pup needs her dignity. 😉 Hope you still wear coats when it’s cold though.

  2. I like to wear hats and on occasion I will put on an outfit for a photo but I don’t really wear clothes…good for you putting your paw down!

  3. Oooo I am the same. Even when I get so cold I shiver, if mum outs a coat on me I sit down and refuse to move!! We have a deal now – when its raining or cold, we run out to my favourite patch just outside, we stand. I poop and wee. Then in to play inside!! I’m happier getting snuggled anyway… 😉

    Kate @ katescuddles.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I beg to differ. I enjoy wearing clothes and even put out my paws for sweaters and vests. Carrots make good treats -woof. Coincidentally, we have a sweater exchange fundraiser in December. People bring their used items that are in good shape. Then they pay what they think used items costs. So basically recycling. Whatever dollars are collected we give to a small dog charity along with the leftover unsold items. You might consider doing this or donating to a local small dog/chihuahua charity.

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