Car Safety

When I ride in the car with mom and/or dad I get strapped into my car seat. While I would much prefer to be sitting on one of their laps, my seat is a good second place spot. Mom bought me a seat that was a booster, ensuring that I could see out of the window. This is essential, as I must bark at strangers, even if they are in their own cars. My seat used to be on the back seat in my mom’s car, however, once my sister came alone I decided it would be far more fun to jump into her car seat which is next to mine. I’m not sure why, but my parents didn’t think this was a smart choice. Even though my collar was buckled to the seat belt, I could still reach her car seat. They’re always telling me that I have to be nice to her, I was just trying to spend quality time. If you listen to my parents they claim it’s because she had a very soft, warm blanket that I wanted, but that’s just malarkey. Nowadays my car seat resides in the front seat, making me the official co-pilot of the car. Luckily, the air bag for the front passenger seat turns off when I am sitting in my seat because I don’t weigh enough, making it the perfect spot for me.



4 thoughts on “Car Safety

  1. Whoo-Hoo, look at you being co-pilot. Good job, Pippy. And M&D just thought it was the blankie you were after. We know you are smarter than that, you had a better plan. 🙂 xx

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